How do I hang my hammock?

Every Haven Valley hammock purchase comes with a set of instructions on how to hang your hammock. Please be sure all of your knots are secure and that you have cleared the ground of any sharp objects or rocks before getting in your hammock.

  1. Clear the ground of any sharp objects and rocks between two trees roughly 10-12 feet apart.
  2. Fold the cord over to about one foot of the way down.
  3. Wrap the folded section of the cord around your finger and pull it through the string around your finger to create a simple knot. You should be left with a knot and small loop at the end.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the other end of the cord.
  5. Wrap the cord around the tree and pull one loop through the other. Pull to ensure the knot is secure.
  6. Hook your hammock’s carabiner to the loop left in your hand.
  7. Repeat Steps 1-6 with the second cord on the second tree. To make sure your hammock isn’t upside down, check that the stitching is not visible on the attached bag.
  8. Gather the green edge in your hands and gently sit down into your hammock, like you would sit in a chair.
  9. Remove shoes and sharp objects from pockets before lying back.
  10. Swing legs into your hammock and for maximum comfort, lie diagonally across your hammock.  Relax and enjoy the nature or music around you.

How do I sit in my hammock?

Once your hammock is properly hung, all you have to do to sit in your hammock is gather the green edge in your hands and sit back slowly, like you would sit in a chair. Getting in a hammock can feel a little weird at first, but soon, you won't even have to think about it.

How do I care for my hammock?

Accidents happen, and that's okay. Should your hammock get dirty, we recommend spot-cleaning your hammock with hot water, dish soap, and a soft rag.

Where can I buy a hammock?

You can purchase our hammock from Amazon right here!

What if I'm not satisfied with my hammock?

It is our sincere goal for everyone to love their purchase. If for whatever reason, you're less than thrilled with your hammock, please contact us at We'll get you taken care of.